Adult Ministry

Our goal here at TRINITY BAPTIST CHURCH is to help you bring Christ into focus in your life.  As adults, there are many different stages we go through.  Whether single, married, child-rearing, divorced or widowed, we want you to find Christ where you are and minister to your needs.  In doing this, we offer:  Life Changing Worship, Bible Study, Training Opportunities, Personal Ministry and Fellowship Time.  Look to the calendar on the home page to see when these opportunities are available.

After God had created all things in heaven and earth, His first action was to create the family, therefore we understand the importance of working to ensure our families stay together through Bible study, prayer, fellowship and activities.  Each Wednesday night, we have FEAST night (Families Eating And Studying Together) where we have a meal together as families ($4/person, $13/family) and conclude with a family devotional led by the Pastor or Associate Pastor. We have Life Groups that meet periodically in different homes and enjoy Bible based discussions led by one of our adult teachers.

Trinity's Senior Adults meet periodically for a meal and devotional. We offer our senior adults opportunities to share their special gifts and abilities with the Body of Christ in music, teaching, ministering and witnessing.  

  January 2021  
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