June 2017  
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Northside Journal: Blessed Boldness

In Hebrews 10, we find a promise that we can enter into God’s presence at any time and to do so boldly. There are people who believe God is too busy to worry about their needs but this is totally wrong.  He does care and He does listen. The scriptures tell us that through the death of Jesus Christ we now have the ability to enter the Presence of God with boldness.  According to verse 19 we have “boldness to enter the Holiest by the blood of Jesus”.  In the Old Testament times only the High Priest could enter the “Holy of Holies” and that was only once a year for the Day of Atonement.  Even then he could only enter after he offered blood sacrifices for his own sins.  But Jesus came as our High Priest and our sacrifice providing us with a once forever perfect sacrifice that would take away our sins forever.  The old blood sacrifices were done every year causing the death of a young bull for the sins of the High Priest and the blood of a goat for the sins of the people. But Jesus’ sacrifice was one time forever (Heb 10:14).  It was this sacrifice that Jesus spoke of as the “New Covenant of My blood” in the upper room when He gave us the Lord’s Supper (Communion). This is why we can come to God in prayer without fear, without offerings and without doubts.  The Old Testament way was one of death but the New Testament gives us life.


The requirement for successfully reaching our willing Father is faith.  Verse 23 tells us we are to “hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering”. In other words don’t doubt His ability or willingness to hear your prayer.  If you know God has promised to hear then just believe it and go on.  The remainder of verse 23 tells us why we can hold fast… “for He who promised is faithful.”  We do not need mountain-sized faith; only muster seed sized faith is required, because the power is God’s not ours.


There was once a wealthy man who owned multiple businesses as well as thousands of acres of land. He had a large family and loved his children dearly.  It was his desire that all of his children would do well in life.  As each of the children would go out on their own, he would give them a section of his land or ownership in one of his many companies.  With the gift he also gave them his word that he would always be there for them.  One son went out and chose to farm; therefore his father gave him land and money equal in value to the gifts he had given his other children. He surveyed the property and sought out the best acreage for his first crop, then took the money and purchased his tractor and equipment and went out to break ground and plant.  Every thing went beautifully, until the time of harvest came.  The young man so excited about his land and the joy of breaking ground and turning it into a field of ripen wheat never thought that a combine would be needed to bring in the harvest of his beloved land.  He knew his father owned a Tractor and Farm Equipment dealership but thought how embarrassing it would be to admit his failure in foreseeing the need for a combine so he procrastinated for a couple of weeks.  When his pride gave way, he began to fear that his father would be too busy to tend to his problem; after all, he had many businesses to run and much land to manage.  Watching his crop wither in the fields he finally decided to call on his father.  In shame he admitted his failure and his doubts to his father and told him it would be all right if he was too busy to help.  In response the father told him to look down the road.  He could only see a dust cloud at the edge of his vision.  His father said, “Son, that’s all my employees from my dealership, they are each driving a new combine and have been waiting for my message to get into your fields.  I’ve always been willing and able, I just needed your permission.”  Even so, your heavenly Father has all that is needed to bring in your harvest; fix your broken dreams; or restore what’s been taken, he only needs us to believe and ask.


 In Hebrews 10:1i-21 we find a promise that we can enter into God’s presence at any time and to do so boldly because of the blood of Jesus, the only requirement from us is faith.  All the power is His.







Darryl Hoychick is the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church of Pineville.  He came to Trinity in June of 1999.  Bro. Hoychick is originally from Basile, LA. and is a product of Louisiana College (’71) and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (’81).  His first ministry was at Esler Baptist Church of Pineville (1968-71) where he served as their Minister of Music.  All of his ministry has been in Louisiana, pastoring three churches over the last 26 years, FBC of Golden Meadow, Emmanuel in Eunice and now at Trinity.  He is an Instructor for Hunter and Firearms Safety, an avid deer hunter, and enjoys fishing as well as working on his 3 ½ acre yard.  Bro. Hoychick has had to privilege to serve the Southern Baptist Convention on their Committee on Committees, and is currently a trustee with GuideStone Financial Resources of the SBC.  Also, in the Louisiana Baptist Convention, he has served as chairman of the Committee on Nominations for several years and is currently a trustee at Louisiana College.