June 2018  
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The "Living" Room

     The most important room in a home is the living room.  This is where families gather, children play, people entertain, and generally where a lot of memories are made. I have many memories of family time playing a board game, watching a movie, or putting on a "talent show" for mom and dad.  Our living room is much the same here at Trinity Baptist Church.  Our families gather together to fellowship, our children gather to play, and many memories are made within these walls.  We have activities for the kids to play, sing, and learn.  We have times for adults to learn music, play games, fellowship with others, and also to study and learn about God.  Trinity Baptist Church is truly a place to belong. 

    This place is also a "Living" room.  A place to find eternal life in our Savior Jesus Christ.  A place to be accepted and loved by our family members and by God.  Below are the times that we as a family gather in our "living" room to worship God, and fellowship with each other.  We would like for you to be a part of our family, to join us in our living room.   This is a place that You can call home. 


Come Join Us

Bible Study - 9:15 am

Worship Service- 10:30 am

Sunday Evening Bible Study - 6:00 pm

KidzBlast Program for the Kids - Sunday Night - 5:00 to 7:00pm

Youth Bible Study Sunday Night - 5:00-7:00pm

Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study: 6:00 pm